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Paul Boehmer

Paul Boehmer attended his first Shakespearean play while in high school; he knew then that he was destined to become the classically trained actor he is today. Graduating with a master's degree, Paul was cast as Hamlet by the very stage actor who inspired his career path. A nod from the Universe he'd chosen aright! Paul has worked on Broadway and extensively in regional theater. Coinciding with another of his passions, sci-fi, Paul has been cast in various roles in many episodes of Star Trek. Paul's love of literature and learning led him by nature to his work as a narrator for audiobooks, his latest endeavour. Paul is married to the love of his life, Offir, and they live in Los Angeles with their two midnight-rambling tomcats, Dread and David.

Tantor selections by this narrator:

Fallen Blade Series
Broken Blade, #1
Farseer Series
The Farseer: Assassin's Apprentice, #1
The Farseer: Royal Assassin, #2
The Farseer: Assassin's Quest, #3
Night Angel Series
The Way of Shadows, #1
Shadow's Edge, #2
Beyond the Shadows, #3
Patrick Chronicles Series
Fissure, #1
Fusion, #2
Spearwielder's Tale Series
The Woods Out Back, #1
The Dragon's Dagger, #2
Dragonslayer's Return, #3
Templar Series
The Sword of the Templars, #1
The Templar Cross, #2
The Templar Throne, #3
The Templar Conspiracy, #4
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