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How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise

By Arthur C. Brooks

Narrated by Paul Costanzo

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Publication Date: 06/25/2012 Running Time: 5 hrs 30 min
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From the president of the American Enterprise Institute comes a candid assessment of how mainstream America can take the philosophy of free enterprise and translate it into political action—restoring both our nation's greatness and our own well-being in the process.


Review Excerpts

"It is true, but insufficient, to argue that free enterprise makes us better off. Arthur Brooks makes the indispensable point that it also makes us better. Having stumbled far down the road to serfdom, we are much in need of Brooks' trenchant case for a change of course." ---P. J. O'Rourke

"I heartily recommend this book as an excellent road map to create a prosperous, socially just, and ethical society." ---John Mackey, CEO and Co-founder Whole Foods Market


Entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, and upward mobility: These traditions are at the heart of the free enterprise system, and have long been central to America's exceptional culture. In recent years, however, policymakers have dramatically weakened these traditions—by exploding the size of government, propping up their corporate cronies, and trying to reorient our system from rewarding merit to redistributing wealth.

In The Road to Freedom, American Enterprise Institute president Arthur C. Brooks shows that this trend cannot be reversed through materialistic appeals about the economic efficiency of capitalism. Rather, free enterprise requires a moral defense rooted in the ideals of earned success, equality of opportunity, charity, and basic fairness. Brooks builds this defense and demonstrates how it is central to understanding the major policy issues facing America today.

The future of the free enterprise system has become a central issue in our national debate, and Brooks offers a practical manual for defending it over the coming years. Both a moral manifesto and a prescription for concrete policy changes, The Road to Freedom will help Americans in all walks of life translate the philosophy of free enterprise into action, to restore both our nation's greatness and our own well-being in the process.

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The Road to Freedom

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