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Iran, Turkey, and America's Future

By Stephen Kinzer

Narrated by Alan Sklar

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EAN: 9781400117017
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EAN: 9781400167012
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Publication Date: 06/08/2010 Running Time: 9 hrs
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The bestselling author of Overthrow offers a new and surprising vision for rebuilding America's strategic partnerships in the Middle East.


Review Excerpts

"Not only a wonderful work of history but also a superb audio experience, this is an audiobook that listeners won't be able to switch off.... The perfect narrator delivers a compelling listening experience." ---AudioFile

"Kinzer elaborates grand ideas in the conversational voice of a story-teller and challenges conventional wisdom in the most reasonable tones." ---Gary Sick, author of All Fall Down

"Kinzer...takes an iconoclastic approach in this smart policy prescriptive that calls for elemental changes in America's relationships with Isreal and Saudi Arabia." ---Publishers Weekly

"I...relished Stephen Kinzer's Reset---kudos to him for approaching the enduring problem of the Middle East in a fresh way." ---Karl E. Meyer, coauthor of Tournament of Shadows

"A vivid account underscoring the persistent folly of Western, and especially U.S. policy in the Middle East. This is history with bite and immediacy." ---Andrew J. Bacevich, author of the New York Times bestseller The Limits of Power


What can the United States do to help realize its dream of a peaceful, democratic Middle East? Stephen Kinzer offers a surprising answer in this paradigm-shifting book. Two countries in the region, he argues, are America's logical partners in the twenty-first century: Turkey and Iran.

Besides proposing this new "power triangle," Kinzer recommends that the United States reshape relations with its two traditional Middle East allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This book provides a penetrating, timely critique of America's approach to the world's most volatile region and offers a startling alternative.

Kinzer is a master storyteller with an eye for grand characters and illuminating historical detail. In this book he introduces us to larger-than-life figures, such as a Nebraska schoolteacher who became a martyr to democracy in Iran, a Turkish radical who transformed his country and Islam forever, and a colorful parade of princes, politicians, women of the world, spies, oppressors, liberators, and dreamers.

Kinzer's provocative new view of the Middle East is the rare book that will richly entertain while moving a vital policy debate beyond the stale alternatives of the last fifty years.

POLITICAL SCIENCEInternational RelationsDiplomacy
HISTORYMiddle EastGeneral
POLITICAL SCIENCEAmerican GovernmentGeneral


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