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The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

By Garry Wills

Narrated by Stephen Hoye

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Publication Date: 01/21/2010 Running Time: 7 hrs 30 min
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From Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Garry Wills comes this groundbreaking examination of how the atomic bomb profoundly altered the nature of American democracy and why we have been in a state of war alert ever since.


Review Excerpts

"Stephen Hoye's voice has just the right emphasis and unrushed pacing as he recounts the secrecy surrounding the development of the atomic bomb." ---AudioFile

"Hoye keeps the material from getting bogged down and technical with his deep and genial voice and clear emphasis and rhythmic delivery." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

"Wills knows how to marshal his arguments...grounding them in the factual record." ---The Christian Science Monitor

"This book is among his most timely, if not among his best." ---Library Journal

"Provocatively argued and elegantly written." ---Kirkus

"Bomb Power is a powerful---and sobering---account…to conduct 'permanent war in peace.'" ---Boston Globe


In Bomb Power, Garry Wills reveals how the atomic bomb transformed our nation down to its deepest constitutional roots—by dramatically increasing the power of the modern presidency and redefining the government as a national security state—in ways still felt today. A masterful reckoning from one of America's preeminent historians, Bomb Power draws a direct line from the Manhattan Project to the usurpations of George W. Bush.

The invention of the atomic bomb was a triumph of official secrecy and military discipline—the project was covertly funded at the behest of the president and, despite its massive scale, never discovered by Congress or the press. This concealment was perhaps to be expected in wartime, but Wills persuasively argues that the Manhattan Project then became a model for the covert operations and overt authority that have defined American government in the nuclear era. The wartime emergency put in place during World War II extended into the Cold War and finally the war on terror, leaving us in a state of continuous war alert for sixty-eight years and counting.

The bomb forever changed the institution of the presidency since only the president controls "the button" and, by extension, the fate of the world. Wills underscores how radical a break this was from the division of powers established by our founding fathers and how it, in turn, has enfeebled Congress and the courts. The bomb also placed new emphasis on the president's military role, creating a cult around the commander in chief. The tendency of modern presidents to flaunt military airs, Wills points out, is entirely a postbomb phenomenon. Finally, the Manhattan Project inspired the vast secretive apparatus of the national security state, including intelligence agencies such as the CIA and NSA, which remain largely unaccountable to Congress and the American people.

Wills recounts how, following World War II, presidential power increased decade by decade until reaching its stunning apogee with the Bush administration. Both provocative and illuminating, Bomb Power casts the history of the postwar period in a new light and sounds an alarm about the continued threat to our Constitution.

POLITICAL SCIENCEAmerican GovernmentExecutive Branch
TECHNOLOGYMilitary Science

Bomb Power

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