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A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession

By Adam Leith Gollner

Narrated by Stephen Hoye

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Publication Date: 06/03/2008 Running Time: 11 hrs
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Adam Leith Gollner weaves business, science, and travel into a riveting narrative about one of earth's most desired foods: fruit.


Review Excerpts

"Narrator Stephen Hoye, often bemused, sarcastic, or deadpan, does a superb job.... Similar to a ripe, luscious peach, this juicy performance will leave listeners wanting another bite." ---AudioFile

"A fresh, juicy and highly satisfying treat." ---Kirkus

"A rollicking account of the world of fruit and fruit fanatics." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Vivid, quirky characters from the world of fruit tourism, fruit smuggling, fruitarians, fruit cults, fruit-based therapy, fruit sex and most importantly, fruit hunting, all come alive in prose that is graphic and lyrical." ---Chicago Sun-Times


Tasty, lethal, hallucinogenic, and medicinal—fruits have led nations into wars, fueled dictatorships, and even lured us into new worlds. Adam Leith Gollner weaves business, science, and travel into a riveting narrative about one of earth's most desired foods.

Listeners will discover why it is that although countless exotic fruits exist in nature, only several dozen varieties are available in supermarkets. Gollner explores the political machinations of multinational fruit corporations, exposing the hidden alliances between agribusiness and government and what that means for public health. He traces the life of mass-produced fruits—how they are created, grown, and marketed—and he explores the underworld of fruits that are inaccessible, ignored, and even forbidden in the Western world.

Gollner draws readers into a Willy Wonka–like world with mangoes that taste like piña coladas, orange cloudberries, peanut butter fruits, and the miracle fruit that turns everything sour sweet, making lemons taste like lemonade. Peopled with a varied and bizarre cast of characters—from smugglers to explorers to inventors—this extraordinary book unveils the hidden universe of fruit.

SCIENCELife SciencesBotany
BUSINESS & ECONOMICSIndustriesAgribusiness

The Fruit Hunters

Publishers Weekly Starred Review
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